Young people igniting the idea of China in Australian high schools

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Young people igniting the idea of China in Australian high schools

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ACYA Group Enjoys Australia-China Council Grant Success

Australia-China Youth Association (ACYA) Group initiatives the Australia-China Youth Association (ACYA), Australia-China Youth Dialogue (ACYD) and Engaging China Project (ECP) have been successful in securing grant funding from the Australia-China Council (ACC) to continue their dynamic work fostering meaningful engagement between young people from Australia and China.

ACYA Group would like to thank the ACC Board and the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) for recognising our contribution to the Australia-China youth space. ACC’s support will allow ACYA to grow its presence across Australian and Chinese universities, encourage ECP to send more young China Ambassadors into Australian high schools and contribute to the 2013 ACYD, which will bring together 30 outstanding delegates from Australia and China to discuss issues of key importance to the bilateral relationship from 24-29 September in Canberra and Melbourne.

For a full list of successful 2013-14 ACC grant recipients, please visit

About ACYA Group

ACYA Group’s mission is to inspire Australians and Chinese to work together in realising their vision of a more prosperous, sustainable and interconnected world in the Asian Century. By providing meaningful and frequent engagement between young Australians and Chinese, empowering motivated young people to successfully implement new initiatives, and engaging established leaders in a range of fields from both countries, ACYA Group promotes greater cooperation and engagement between Australia and China and empowers young people who share our vision.

ACYA Group consists of four initiatives: the Australia-China Youth Association (ACYA);Australia-China Youth Dialogue (ACYD); Australia-China Young Professionals Initiative (ACYPI); and Engaging China Project (ECP). For more information, please visit

About the Australia-China Council

The Australia-China Council (ACC) was established by the Australian Government in 1978 to promote mutual understanding and foster people-to-people relations between Australia and China. The function of the Council is to make recommendations to the Australian Government through the Minister for Foreign Affairs on strengthening the Australia-China relationship in ways that support Australia’s foreign and trade policy interests.

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ACYA Group offers unreserved support to the people of Sichuan

The Australia-China Youth Association Group (ACYA Group) would like to offer its sincere condolences and unreserved support to the people of Sichuan Province who have suffered unimaginable losses in the wake of the recent earthquake of Saturday, April 20.

It is devastatingly cruel that the people of Sichuan should have to endure yet another natural calamity so soon after the horrific events of 2008.

Our thoughts go out to the brave residents and rescue teams who continue to selflessly put themselves at risk in order to save others in Longmen, Lushan, Ya’an and other badly affected areas. We wish them all the best in these extremely trying times.

The ACYA Group consists of the Australia-China Youth Association, Australia-China Youth Dialogue, Australia-China Young Professionals Initiative and the Engaging China Project


澳中青年联合组织(ACYA Group) 向在2013年4月20日四川省芦山地震中遇难的群众和抢险救灾中牺牲的战士表示深切哀悼。ACYA组织将全力支持和帮助受灾群众战胜自然灾害,重建美好家园。


澳中青年联合组织成员包括:澳中青年联合会(Australia-China Youth Association)、澳中青年论坛(Australia-China Youth Dialogue)、中澳青年精英领袖团(Australia-China Young Professionals Initiative)、 关注中国计划(Engaging China Project)

ACYA Group media release: Australia in the Asian Century White Paper


The Australia-China Youth Association (ACYA) Group has welcomed the Australian Government’s Australia in the Asian Century White Paper and its acknowledgment of the pivotal role Asia will play in Australia’s future.

As a youth-based organisation making an active contribution to Australia-China relations, ACYA Group applauds the White Paper’s focus on education, building an Asia-capable workforce and developing close people-to-people relations with our partners across the region.

“It’s fantastic to see the Federal Government addressing the core areas of education and people-to-people links, which ACYA Group has had a pioneering hand in fostering since its inception in 2009,” said Jeff Sheehy, ACYA’s National President, Australia.

ACYA Group particularly welcomes the White Paper’s objectives of offering every Australian student significant exposure to Asian studies across the curriculum and the opportunity to continuously study an Asian language.

Through the Engaging China Project, ACYA Group is already working in high schools across the country to increase 40,000 high school students’ awareness of China by 2014.

In addition, ACYA Group applauds the White Paper’s call for Australian universities to increase the number of students undertaking Asian studies, establish a presence and exchange programs in Asia, and welcome Asia’s top students and leaders to our shores under the proposed ‘Australia Awards’ scheme to develop long-lasting personal, educational, research and professional links.

ACYA currently has chapters in 11 Australian universities and 3 regional chapters in China, providing a support network for Australian and Chinese students and facilitating personal and cultural exchanges.

“We’re also glad to see that Australian decision makers across the board will be encouraged to gain deeper knowledge and expertise of the countries and issues important to our region,” Mr. Sheehy added.

“This is something we’re already doing through the Australia-China Young Professionals Initiative, which provides a platform for young professionals to engage with business and policy leaders to deepen their understanding of Australia-China relations.”

Finally, ACYA Group is proud to support the White Paper’s vision for an Australia with meaningful people-to-people links with Asian nations.

ACYA Group recently hosted the third annual Australia-China Youth Dialogue from October 19-24 in Beijing and Chengdu, bringing together 30 future leaders from Australia and China to celebrate 40 years of Sino-Australian diplomatic relations and discuss all aspects of the bilateral relationship. The fourth Dialogue will be held next year in Canberra and Perth.

With memberships consisting of students and young professionals with strong Asia capabilities, ACYA Group’s initiatives are uniquely placed to continue advancing the objectives of the White Paper on Australia in the Asian Century in the years ahead.

ACYA Group will seize on the impetus provided by the White Paper’s release to forge ahead in further extending its networks and collaborative efforts in Australia and abroad for the benefit of these welcomed objectives.

About ACYA Group:

ACYA Group encompasses the Australia-China Youth Association, Engaging China Project, Australia-China Young Professionals Initiative and the Australia-China Youth Dialogue. All of these initiatives aim to facilitate and strengthen meaningful engagement between young people from Australia and China between the ages of 13 and 35.

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