Can the Engaging China Project help me? +

Sure! We have designed the Engaging China Project with a focus on being useful to our community, which means you! Are you a teacher looking to bring youth ambassadors into your classroom to inspire your students? Are you a young emerging leader looking for an internship or experience demonstrating your skills?  Are you someone who simply wants to know more? The Engaging China Project is designed with a focus on providing fun solutions to Asia engagement in the classroom as well as leadership development and we’re excited to hear from you.

What services do you offer? +

We offer a package of “in classroom” workshops which can be tailored to the needs of students. We also participate in community festivals and Chinese New Year events and mentor young students. If you are interested in these services and more email info@engagingchinaproject.org.au

Are you guys teachers? +

Generally no, but our workshops are the perfect complement to teachers and we do have  some teachers amongst our volunteer team.

What do you bring to the classroom which is so special? +

We are all young people with a keen interest in China and experience in living, working, studying and traveling in China. What we bring to the classroom is personal experience, inspiring stories and case studies of the opportunities that engaging with China bring to young people.

Why China? +

Because China is cool, but because it is also playing an increasingly important role in the world. For young people whose career will commence as China becomes the world’s largest economy, it is a great idea to build appropriate and useful skills, competencies and passion.

Where can the Engaging China Project take me? (Ambassadors) +

As a volunteer with the Engaging China Project, you have the opportunity to gain real leadership experience which will see your own ideas come to life. Our volunteers in leadership roles generally stick with us for around 6 months or more. Many of our leaders have gone on to take up scholarships such as the Rhodes scholarship and the Endeavour Awards as well as internships with the Australian government. Whether it is working with us on a short term or long term project, you will develop skills which are attractive to employers and help you develop your leadership skills.

Who are your supporters? +

We love our supporters for recognizing the value of the Engaging China Project. We have received recognition and support from the Australian National University’s Australian Centre for China in the World, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the Australia China Council, the Confucius Institutes of the Universities of Newcastle and New South Wales, the City of Sydney and the Foundation for Young Australians.

What is it you actually do again? +

We inspire young people to engage with China in both the classroom and daily life via youth-to-youth communication, mainly delivered via classroom workshops.

Do you charge? +

We do actually charge a small fee for the services we provide. As we are built on a not-for-profit social enterprise model, which means that we receive support from grants and sponsors, we can deliver our services at a reduced cost to educators but still need to charge a nominal fee.

How are you different from the Australia China Youth Association? +

The Australia China Youth Association is one of our sister organisations, along with the Australia China Young Professionals Initiative and the Australia China Youth Dialogue. Though we are separate organisations, we all work together as we have the united goal of improving young people’s ability to participate in the Australia China relationship. Together, we form a pipeline of support for ages 13-35.