Our Initiative


Who are we?

We are a volunteer youth based not-for-profit organisation dedicated to igniting the idea of China in the minds of high school students.

What do we do?

The Engaging China Project sends out ambassadors to high schools to impart their real-world experiences and stories of engaging with China or learning Chinese with students.

Our Engaging China Project Ambassadors have experienced firsthand the amazing opportunities that engaging with China opens up for young people and know well that the future Australia-China relationship lies in the hands of today’s youth. In our workshops and online, we tell real stories about what it’s like to start the China adventure.

We demystify China and make it “cool”. Of course, China is already cool and we’re just showing it for what it is! We personify what being China-literate looks like. We also solidify understandings of China as diverse landscapes of opportunity, especially for young people who will live through the Asian Century and even shape the twenty-second century.

We are delighted to be funded by the Australia-China Council and the ANU Centre for China in the World and supported by the Australia-China Youth Association, the Australia-China Young Professionals Initiative and the Australia-China Youth Dialogue.

We are actively looking for ways we can engage with you to benefit the Australia-China relationship.