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Allen Ai —

Allen Ai

Hey folks! I was born in Guangzhou, China and have been calling Australia home for the past 10 years. Apart from English, I am a fluent speaker of Mandarin and Cantonese. I am a strong believer in the role of civil society effecting change and have been involved in the communities in many different ways. My China experience is both first hand and intimate.

As an 80′s baby, my life has followed the country’s drastic transformation under its rapid reform. On the other hand, my decade in Australia has coincided exactly with its economic boom spurred by China’s opening to the world. Despite that, this is only one person’s story. China is not just a country, a geographical confine, a collection of cultures or a civilisation. It is a complex phenomenon. Everyone’s story adds a drip to our ocean of understanding. I mean, I bet a lot of you would have a more exciting Beijing story than mine, because I haven’t even been there!

My China interest lies primarily in the facilitation of international trade, economic cooperation and people to people exchange. Actually, to call it an interest would an understatement. It’s my passion and all my professional and academic experiences have been geared towards it! I am currently studying graduate law at the University of Queensland after graduating with a first class honours BA in political science and economics from the University of Melbourne. In my leisure I love to cycle, swim and generally get outdoors. When I am not out there exerting himself, I would most likely be reading about China and East Asian affairs!