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Annabelle Walker — VIC Team

Annabelle Walker

你好!My name is Annabelle (安娜 – not the most creative Chinese name). I’m a final year Arts/Law Student and I’m studying Chinese as my major under my Arts Degree.

I’ve spent time travelling around China, living in Tianjin and holidaying in Hong Kong. I have also taught English in rural Thailand with a bunch of Chinese and Taiwanese students so I almost felt I was in China then too! I’m passionate about Chinese and I am looking forward to working as a lawyer in China and Hong Kong after I graduate.

Other than Chinese, I love ballet, skiing and anything adventurous. I am also doing a Diploma of Languages in French and have been getting involved with some French-Chinese translation.

In the future I would like to somehow facilitate the study of Chinese in as many Australian schools by as many students as possible.