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Braedan Bolt — WA Team

Braedan Bolt

Hi! My name is Braedan Bolt and my Chinese name is 唐焱. I study Engineering at the University of Western Australia majoring in Mechanical.

My first contact with China was back in 2010 when I spent 3 months backpacking through the country; I absolutely loved it. From there I decided I wanted to become fluent in Mandarin and so began my Chinese journey. In 2011 I went back to China on exchange with my university for two months in Hangzhou and Beijing.

I am so intrigued by China and am a big fan of Henry Kissinger’s tale ‘On China’. The next book on my list is ‘When China Rules the World’ by Martin Jacques. I believe Asia Literacy is crucial for Australia and I am looking forward to inspire more young Australians to engage with China.