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Jia Jing (JJ) Hong — WA Team

Jia Jing (JJ) Hong

Hi, my name is Jia Jing (JJ) Hong and my Chinese name is 方嘉晶. Although my family is Chinese my parents don’t speak a single word of Mandarin. Yet today, I am fluent in the language because I was determined and never gave up. Besides that, I was fortunate to have encouraging parents, and parents who could afford tuition outside of school hours.

Since my first time travelling there, I fell in love with China. I have visited her often, more so than my hometown. My love for China began when I went there on a summer exchange program organized by the UWA Confucius Institute. It was then that I was old enough to appreciate the picturesque landscape of China; the haggling culture; the buzzing lifestyle.

ECP provides me with the opportunity to share and promote my love and passion with people who are eager to learn more about China, be it those who need a motivation or a cause to learn Mandarin, or those who need some living evidence to clarify and eliminate their doubts about China. ECP has allowed me to reach out to those who need this information.