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Wendy Fan — WA Team

Wendy Fan

Did you know that not all Australian-born Chinese (aka ABC) are born with both a Chinese and English name? I am thankful that I was born with both! My English name is Wendy and Chinese name is 雯珊. My English name reminds me of my birthplace, and my Chinese name reminds me of my hometown (家乡).

The opportunity to travel to China through my university (UWA) for almost 3 months, allowed me to gain a much better understanding of its rich history and culture. As an Engaging China Project (ECP) Ambassador since 2012, it has been a pleasure to be able to share my China experience with many people in Western Australia. The best part of ECP for me is the opportunity it has provided me to meet so many passionate individuals who all share the ECP vision of sharing the cultural of both Australia and China with our younger community.

In my free time I enjoy catching up with family and friends over food. Food can bring people together – I think that’s the power and beauty of food!